Calista - Composition 1.1

Hello - I said this on my profile, but my daughter and I are working through the composition 1.1 exercise. She's 9 and interested in art, so it is something we do together. I'm sure completing the 20 drawings+ is going to take us a while as I want to nurture her interest, not smother it. Also, our content may vary widely - anything from Disney to Botecelli is fair game. ;) We started out going places and drawing together, but I'll save that for a sketchbook if I set one up. So I am going to post her art, the art we selected, and then my art.

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The painting is one that is in my house. My observation is pretty simple on this one: The use of muted color and scale gives depth and distance.


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Calista - Composition 1.1
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