expansion on last post

thank you for your advice on my original post- I was a bit confused at how the site works but I think I got it under control now.
it seemed the problem was it made no sense so I thought I would re-upload the drawing but with the other frames attached.
the quality of the art is a bit wonky ahah-
so this creature thing is called smiley, a fleshy grey blob with a yellow smile mask strapped onto it like this :) it has strange legs that are white and chunky. it showed up when I was 11, when I was still in school, and was never dealt with in therapy so it never really left. it only comes out when the lights are off, prompting me to collect a multitude of night lights.
1st frame: smiley when I was 11
2nd and 3rd frame: smiley now, whenever I wake up at 4am and the lights have gone off.
I'm actually new to this medium but I have always appreciated it. I use a bottle of Indian ink, several paint brushes, and an heirloom fountain pen (that isn't good for thin lines, I might need to get a proper one) and most of this stuff is drawn at 3am as an outlet I guess, specially since I don't have wifi all the time, only four hours a day which is quite expensive- not much reaches out as far as my farm. I've been drawing for maybe 3 years, so it's not like I have the knowledge of a tortoise when it comes to stuff, I'm pretty new.
my inspirations are Junji Ito (no surprise there), Kengo Hanazawa and Daijiro Morohoshi, though I am absolutely no where near as good as them, I still appreciate them as idols haha
= NOTE =
the size of the images is broken. I take photos of my art, with a phone, and I'm not used to editing sizes so please put up with this, I'll figure it out soon enough.

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expansion on last post
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