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Hi everyone,

My friend recently recommended that I visit this site, after I told him that I'm trying to improve in painting and drawing. I thought it would be good for me to post regularly so that not only can I keep track of my progress, but provide greater incentive for myself to study and work more rigorously (especially after seeing all the amazing sketchbooks, of which I can't help be but envious).

I'm posting some relatively quick (30minutes - 1.5 hrs) acrylic painting studies I made after J.C. Leyendecker and Peter Paul Rubens. My main concern is understanding value and color and how to model them to so that forms appear convincingly three dimensional. It's something I've struggled with for a long time, yet I never really addressed until now. Eventually I would like to work more from imagination and digitally too. I've made some attempts to draw without reference, but it's stressful because I feel like it shows how little I understand about the fundamentals of painting and drawing.

Another thing which I am trying to develop is a workflow that will lead to greater consistency in producing accurate studies. I'm trying to train myself to not just blindly copy, but see how the artist whom I am copying simplified what they saw in life into intelligible, elegant two-dimensional forms. I fell that's perhaps my biggest weakness atm. In the painting of the elderly women, I realized too late that I should have seen how the face is constructed from all these different ovoid forms. Instead I tried to replicate individual strokes and neglected to consider the larger shapes.

Thanks for taking a look and for any comments, suggestions or critiques you may have; I'm really looking forward to participating in this community

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