Colors in a painting that are not what they seem to be?

I know color is an illusion and is only what it is when surrounded by another color, I’ve found articles about this, but none that explain how to control this phenomena. In this painting that I found online, by Marc Simonetti, it’s a good example of yellowish light with even warmer shadows. What appears as green shadows and local color, is actually ranging from yellow to reddish brown. How does one go about knowing what color to lay down to have this effect? I know neutrals are a powerful thing in a painting, I can only reproduce this effect after numerous and random attempts, I’d like to know how to control it a bit more and how’d I go about planning my painting for this effect. P.S. Is there a particular set of percentage of saturation in specific colors that make them look like another color, no matter the setting? I know from this painting, RGB: 173,170,136 is a yellow that looks like a green? I can’t seem to find a good explanation online on this.

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Colors in a painting that are not what they seem to be?
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