C.O.W. #412 - Water Bird - WIPS Thread

C.O.W. #412 - Water Bird - WIPS Thread

C.O.W. #412 - Water Bird - WIPS Thread

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Round #412 Water Bird


#412 Water Bird!

Birds are beautiful creatures and many scientists and Darwinian enthusiasts claim that they are the direct descendants of dinosaurs. There is plenty of scientific evidence to back up that claim, such as similar bone structures and ancient dinosaur bones showing feathers growing from their bones. But one thing we don't consider is birds adapting to the water only. Sure, we have species such as the Pelican, Duck, and Flamingo whom have adapted to fishing and surviving near the water. But what if there were a species that can only survive being submerged for long periods of time? Now is your chance to design this...Water Bird!

Due Tuesday, February 20th at 10:00pm EST

C.O.W. #412 - Water Bird - WIPS Thread
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