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Hello there, I'm looking for some advice/input.
I've been working on this concept for a while and struggling with how to get it to the finish line. I'm looking for advice on how you would approach water/rocks..I always struggle with these elements and I'm wondering if I'm over-noodling. So far I've been laying down photos and painting roughly over the top, but then I'm getting issues where some bits look super painted and other bits look sharp :S I'm wondering if I should just paint every element? But I want the piece to have a feeling of spontaneity and for it not to be overly worked. Also I'm trying to create the feeling of a storm has passed and now the sun is setting, I've been referencing photos, but not sure if overall the colours are a bit OTT? Then obviously I need to actually paint the mermaid, but I want to get the environment locked down as it's driving me crazy!
Any thoughts/feedback really would be appreciated as I feel like I've hit a brick wall!!
Thanks for taking the time :)

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