Enquête d'art - «Les Loisirs», de Marcel Gromaire - 13 mars 2016

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Qualité TVRiP | FRENCH

Origine : France
Genre : Emissions TV
Date de diffusion : 13 mars 2016
Studio/Chaine : France 5
Durée : 30 min

Enquête d'art - «Les Loisirs», de Marcel Gromaire
Tous les dimanches matin, Laurence Piquet offre aux téléspectateurs un nouveau rendez-vous avec l’art dans tous ses états.

Diffusé sur France 5 le dimanche 13 mars 2016 à 09:55 - Durée : 30 min.

Marcel Gromaire a créé cette céramique monumentale pour l'Exposition Internationale de 1937 ; aujourd'hui il ne reste plus que la peinture qui a servi de maquette à sa réalisation.

Enquête d'art - «Chasse au Nègre», de Félix Martin - 13 mars 2016

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Qualité TVRiP | FRENCH

Origine : France
Genre : Emissions TV
Date de diffusion : 13 mars 2016
Studio/Chaine : France 5
Durée : 25 min

Enquête d'art - «Chasse au Nègre», de Félix Martin
Tous les dimanches matin, Laurence Piquet offre aux téléspectateurs un nouveau rendez-vous avec l’art dans tous ses états.

Diffusé sur France 5 le dimanche 13 mars 2016 à 09:30 - Durée : 25 min.

«La Chasse au Nègre», de Félix Martin, réalisée en 1873 est l'une des premières sculptures à montrer la brutalité de l'esclavage.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout [Cheat]

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Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.
Controls hint:
You should customize your HUD immediately by adjusting the button size and opacity to
where they will do you the most good without obscuring your vision. There"s also an 
option to enable auto-shoot, which fires rounds at your enemies once you line up your

Cover hint:
Crouch behind knee-high cover to shoot while otherwise out in the open, usually without
taking any damage. This lets you see and shoot enemies while still offering some cover.

Crookz: The Big Heist [Cheat]

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Crookz: The Big Heist

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.
Successfully complete the listed task to unlock the corresponding achievement. 
To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile",
"View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement               How to unlock
Armchair Perpetrators   : Rob a Mobster"s House.
Blockhead               : Break down 40 Cracked Walls without any Tools.
Compu-what?             : Steal Electric Typewriters with Screens.
Deep-Sea Diver          : Rob the Navy.
Ding-Dong Dash          : Use the Noise Emitter.
Dreamland               : Put 70 Guards to sleep.
Fake Fax                : Fool the Cops.
Gondolier               : Finish the Venice Heist.
It Wasn"t Me!           : Blame It on the Villain.
Juicy Spoils            : Collect all the Loot available.
Luna Triple Cross       : Fell Them All In One Swoop.
Magpies vs. Flamingo    : Clip Flamingo"s Wings.
Master Thief            : Complete 10 Challenges.
Mirror Ball             : Party Like It"s 1999.
Movie Buff              : Crack the Casino - Even With a Bad Hand.
No Girls Allowed        : Break Into the High Security Prison.
Petty Thief             : Complete 1 Challenge.
Radioactive             : Short-Circuit a Nuclear Power Plant.
Red Hot Heart           : Blow Murray to High Heaven.
Repeat Offender         : Complete 5 Challenges.
Saved The World         : Finish the Story.
So Cute!                : Use 10 Maneki-Nekos.
Stuck Together          : Cement 10 Doors.
Through The Sewers      : Rob a Bank Vault.
Tinkerer                : Snatch all Construction Plans.
Veni, Vidi, Vici        : The Apex of Decadence.

Du côté de chez Dave - 13 mars 2016

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Qualité TVRiP | FRENCH

Origine : France
Présentateur : Dave
Genre : Musique, Danse
Date de diffusion : 13 mars 2016
Studio/Chaine : France 3
Durée : 1 h 05 min

Du côté de chez Dave
Chaque dimanche, Dave reçoit un invité, qui s'entoure de plusieurs artistes de son choix, qu'il s'agisse de talents confirmés ou de coups de coeur ou découvertes. Ensemble, ils reprennent les plus grands succès de l'invité, ainsi que les chansons des artistes qui ont marqué sa carrière.

Diffusé sur France 3 le dimanche 13 mars 2016 à 16:10 - Durée : 1 h 05

Après la parution de son autobiographie, «L'Envers du ciel bleu», Enrico Macias revient avec un nouvel album, «Les Clefs», où il chante les femmes et le soleil, mais surtout l'Algérie et le déracinement.

Cooking Guide - Can"t Decide What To Eat? [Cheat][Nintendo DS]

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Cooking Guide - Can"t Decide What To Eat?

"Chef" Game and Watch:
Use the Timer function on any of the recipes that require you to track 
time. After the timer has counted down and the recipe is complete you will 
unlock the Game and Watch Classic Minigame "CHEF" It includes both Game A 
and Game B.
Hidden Recipe:
To unlock the Hidden Recipe cook something from each country in Asia and 
History and Staff Option:
Cooking 20 Recipes unlocks the "History and Staff Option" on the setting 
menu. Selecting it scrolls the credits on the lower screen while the top 
screen shows you what you have cooked on what dates with a picture of the 
food and where on the map that food is from.

Rampage - World Tour [Cheat][Gameboy Color]

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Rampage - World Tour

Link mode
Hold down Select and press Up, Down, Left, Right, Down, Up at 
the options menu . The "Players 1 or 2" option will be unlocked, 
which allows the two player mode to be played on two Game Boy 
Color systems using a link cable. 
Play as Tiny
Select Ralph as a character, then intentionally die. Then, 
quickly press Select, A, B(2), Up, Down, Forward, Back after 
transforming into a person. 
Glitch: Float in mid-air
Hit a neon sign just as the building that your monster is 
standing on begins to collapse. If the building falls down 
while your monster is still being shocked, it will remain in 

Moebius - The Orb Of Celestial Harmony [Cheat]

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Moebius - The Orb Of Celestial Harmony

We will get new cheats and hints soon for this game. 
Sorry for any inconvenience. 

Dark Age Of Camelot [Cheat]

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Dark Age Of Camelot

Easy money:
If you just started and you are a beginner, ask some of the people in your group that
you start with for money. You might get some copper or perhaps even some gold.
Note: This does not work if at a high level. 

Easy money:
If you fight skeletons, snakes, giants, and other creatures, you might get some body
parts, gems and other items to sell. Gems will give you a lot of money but body parts
do not sell for as much. 

Armor without paying:
Find skeletons, and if you can, fight them. They will be yellow if beginners. You 
might get some armor or cloth.

Coruscating Mine:
In Coruscating Mine on the bridge, if you walk very slowly over the edge near the 
middle you can fall onto the side of the bridge.. You can cast spells on opponents,
and they cannot attack you. 

You must at least be level 25 to fight in Realms or you will die very easily. If 
you are at level 20, fight in a group with your guild. 

Shrouded Isles:
Shrouded Isles is the most difficult place to start at because people from other 
places like to run in there, find the weakest person, and attack them o get 
experience so they can progress. Also, Shrouded Isles has the most difficult people
to raise up.

Darkness Falls:
If you are a low level, do not enter Darkness Falls. It is recommended that 
your character be at least level 25 before entering Darkness Falls. 
The colors for levels in Darkness Falls is as follows.
Level 1 through 15  - All purple.
Level 16 through 20 - Some red and a lot purple.
Level 21 through 25 - Some red and some purple.
Level 26 through 30 - A little Orange and some red and purple.
Level 31 through 35 - A few orange and some red and purple.
Level 36 through 40 - Some blue, less orange, red, and purple.
Level 41 through 45 - Some gray and blue.
Level 46 through 49 - A lot gray and a few blue.

Gaining levels:
The fastest way to level is through PL (power leveling). Unfortunately this
takes away from the point of the game. Also, it is hard to find someone to 
do it (either busy, crafting, or quitting etc.). The following areas are 
suggested. This applies for Midgard and "BG" indicates a battleground.
Level 1 through 5   - Ft. Altla, Galpan, and Aheirs Landing.
Level 6 through 7   - Lions Den (BG), farther out from Ft. Atla.
Level 8 through 11  - Nisse"s Layer (with strong group).
Level 12 through 14 - Nisse"s Layer (group),Weeping Willows by Gna Faste.
Level 15 through 19 - Deep Nisse (group).
Level 20 through 22 - The Cursed Tomb (group recommended).
Level 23 through 25 - Thidranki (BG).
Level 26 through 29 - Vendo"s Canvern.
Level 30 through 32 - Deep Vendo Cavern.
Level 33 through 34 - Wilton (BG).
Level 35 through 36 - Skonka Ravine, West Skona, Varu.
Level 37 through 39 - Molvik Faste (BG), Deep Varu.
Level 40 through 42 - Moderngav (the place you get faction), and River Of Death.
Level 43 through 45 - Levik (BG).
Level 46 through 47 - Deep Moderngav (very strong group in frontier).
Level 48 through 50 - Frontier, PoC, massacring level 50 albs, and terminating 
                      level 50 hibs.
Summon armor+wepons:
Type in /cheat summon armor (or weapons) then type in the armor or weapon you want
and it should appear in your inventory.

Any Class:
At the beginning of the game make a character then when you start playing type in
/cheat Any Class then go back and make another character and he will be able to be 
any class.

Ecology - JPRGs

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Ecology - JPRGs

6 UHQ JPEG | max 8000 x6000 |300 dpiM|5 MB